Suppression is held in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual unconscious.

In Body Electronics Intensives, we are asking ourselves for unconsciousness/resisted experience/trauma to be revealed during ‘table work’. This internal work is stimulated and facilitated by sustained acupressure, applied systematically to open the emotional body from the bottom up. Unconsciousness to Enthusiasm.

As it is felt and observed enthusiastically, we begin to see and feel more of what’s there.

Venting the emotion is a necessary part of the transmutation process. Venting is in no way projection upon anyone or anything. When one feels perfectly willing to intensify the venting, the attempt to control the emoting while still feeling the emotion within, is the next step.

Holding the emotion intensely without emoting, the feeling of the emotion will then increase.  If this occurs and we contain it within, encompassing in enthusiastic love, we will experience a thorough transmutation and rapid upscale movement within the emotions.

If there isn’t an increase of intensity of the present emotion when we contain (control) then we go back to venting, until we feel ready to contain again. This takes a lot of effort.

Venting (crying, screaming etc.) is a necessary part of the transmutation process. When a thorough release of the held emotion has been experienced through application of the three powers, only then we attempt to control the emotion.

Remember: Holding the feeling/emotion without emoting, with the feeling (awareness) of the emotion increasing, while actively feeling love, rapidly drives the emotional body in a evolutionary upward movement.

This is called control in the 3 main emotional categories of suppression, venting and control.

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