We are experiencing a change in our lives here in 2020. This change is an indicator of where we are in our emotional body. If you scan this site, you will find a lot of information on the emotional body construct that I use. Move the emotion. When we do, the access to the higher endocrine is possible. This ‘pandemic’ will be like a fire under our butts for change. Evolutionary change which happens within. The three powers are available every moment. Use this precious time to go within, feel whats there….honestly…without an override, and love, forgive and be grateful for it. In Body Electronics we called this. “feel WHAT you feel WITH love”. Of course it becomes nmuch more complex than this as we move upward emotionally toward fear. Bring in the sensory memory, emotion and words/vibration simultaneously during the transmutation process. This site has the info, free of charge. I will do my best to write clear and simple posts to inspire healthy wholistic action.

1. Be prepared for slowing down. Relax with deep breathing. The three part breath and alternate nostril breathing is an excellent place to start. Details in download below.

2. Get some extra food and supplies that include any supplements and medications needed for the near future.

3. Enjoy time alone or with family or friends. Have some fun. Dance, sing, play games if that is your thing.

4. Meditate

5. Learn something new.

Think of the elders in your area who may need assistance to get food and supplies.

Free download with more info here; The Gnostic Way

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