Nutrient Saturation for Body Electronics

The practice of Body Electronics requires nutrient saturation well in advance of Pointholding.This years B.E. Pointholding Intensive with Illia is being held on Salt Spring Island, August 12-16. Here is a basic list with some additions. 1. Enzymes a) Superfood Enzymes from Enzymes International- or any brand with a good protease, amalase, lipase content- best […]

The Emotional Body

The emotional body construct in The Gnostic Way comes from Tibetan Buddhism. It is a simple 7 level system. Within those main 7 levels each level exists equaling 49. Level 7- Unconsciousness – Apathy, Grief, Fear, Anger, Pain, Enthusiasm Level 6- Apathy– Grief, Fear, Anger, Pain, Enthusiasm, Unconsciousness Level 5- Grief– Fear, Anger, Pain, Enthusiasm, Unconsciousness, […]

Attachment/ Letting Go

Everyone involved with Body Electronics  eventually reaches an awareness of the mental body where duality exists. The 2 distinct sides seem to be opposite, yet are the same pattern. They resonate together. Through resisted experience we attach to one side of the duality, to the partial denial of the other depending on the depth of […]

Body Electronics

 What is Body Electronics?  Mastery of Consciousness Change resulting in Bodily Regeneration “Body Electronics is in part, a method of sustained acupressure which requires an understanding of nutrition, anatomical structure, physiological function, emotional interactivity, and mental processes within a framework of the Healing Crisis.” – John Whitman Ray Body Electronics is practiced in a group […]