St. Mary Magdalene

July 22nd- Magdalene Remembered

July 22nd is well known as the day of the Magdalene. My thoughts this year is for all the lovers of freedom and truth to enjoy the day doing anything that makes you happy. Bring joy to the moments whatever it is. I know there are a lot of people who resonate with Magdalene’s teachings. Reach toward true service and unbridled measure of the heart. Live bold, live free.


Giving & Receiving- Blessing or a Curse?

 The exchange of energies within the matrix of life, is so multifaceted that is can not be explained nor understood in its entirety. Un-transmuted dualistic thought perpetuates until the patterns are resolved. Energies are interwoven electromagnetically around every living being as well as around and through the earth- contained within the earths auric field. Simplistically speaking we can break it down to patterns perpetuating themselves- and openings (clearings) that make way for new energies to form. The wholistic model of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual envelopes the energies exchanged. Physical energies being the end result of the other three. As we traverse the spiritual path- the good red road, we encounter all measures of all the energies of the human family. And yes, at times we are challenged with others who for reasons of their own do not wish for evolution to succeed. How do we resolve this within ourselves? One way is to be outside of the boomerang effect. When we feel energies that are non supportive to the evolutionary process, we simply have compassion for our self, and extend that to the other(s). This takes awareness and practice. Keep to our own process- mind our own business (evolutionary process) and let others mind theirs. Eventually, when energies have nowhere to land- they are recycled into the void. Sanctification- the ability to assist another on their path, happens naturally as a result of the inner work, evolution one has applied. Along the path, we are given assistance when needed, much like a good parent steps in when the child is yet still unaware. This is natural law. With this said- asking is imperative to change.

Love, Forgive and Be Grateful.

The Three Powers

Gratitude-Forgiveness-Love ~ The Three Powers. We have access to this Power each and every moment. These are feelings, that may be intensified and applied. The application of these energies are the transmutational power behind healing itself- Shamanic practice, Ho’oponopono– every true healing practice that I have ever come across. Each moment is an opportunity for change when accessing these Powers. When emotion comes- these Powers are the change. Love is not an emotion. Love is an energy that maintains harmony within all things. When we access these Powers, especially during disharmony or conflict- one is bringing harmony to the situation. The more this has been applied internally, with oneself- then access becomes more natural and accessible.