Body Electronics Pointholding Intensive

The Body Electronics Experience with Illia-   AKA ‘The Pink Book’ provides prerequisite preparations for B.E. Pointholding Intensives B.E. is a wholistic self healing modality, practiced through the study and application of principles- natural law.  Physical, Emotional, Mental,  and Spiritual.  B.E. Intensives with Illia are typically 5 days. The Tuition is $660. In 2018 I am […]

2018- Body Electronics

When resistance (anything less than unconditional love) is released from consciousness (thought-word-emotion) the result (effect) is natural harmony. This is the practice of Body Electronics. What we do in preparation and continued application fuels and facilitates this evolutionary process.  Illia~ I am holding Five Day Body Electronics Intensive'(s) in 2018.  Today I put out the […]