Stone Med- Quartz

Stone Medicine

Aquamarine- Each piece is $13 CA
Pink Tourmaline in Feldspar- $77 + $20 Shipping

¬†Stone Medicine has been created to assist people on their path of wholistic healing- physical, emotional, mental & spiritual. And to remember the connection with Earth and all inhabitants. The Stone’s give us a link to the history of Earth, each one offering a unique gift. I suggest following your intuition in regards to which one & when each Stone may assist you personally on your journey. If you feel to purchase click on the pic and it will direct you to Paypal. All Stone’s have a $10 shipping charge within Canada unless otherwise specified.¬†

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Deep Dark Smokey Quartz Point
Moroccan Ammonite- $40 CA + $10 shipping within Canada.
American Fluorite- $55 CA
Ancient Being- Morocco $35 CA
Tigereye Sphere- $77 CA
Rich Amethyst Geode- $77 CA + $20 shipping within Canada
Large Green Apopholite- $220 CA + $30 shipping.
Lapis Lazuli- $110 CA + $20 Shipping
African Malachite- $110 CA + $20 shipping
Large Quartz Point- $220 CA + $20 Shipping

Meditation on Thunder

Healing Crisis (HC) /Disease Crisis (DC)

How do we determine which is which? That is a question only we can sort from within. If we have been preparing our self and asking for the HC, then it will most certainly come, yet when it does it may feel so much like a disease crisis that the question lingers within. The HC is after all the release of whatever suppression has occurred. This suppression is brought to awareness where from it may then be released. The patterns that require transmutation are in both however. In Logic In Sequence Book 2- Dr. John Whitman Ray attempts to prepare readers for the layers we must face during a HC, yet it is such an individual process, that no one can truly prepare another. Within a basic understanding of the HC. armed with the power to change- we must face and release our individual sins. All of them. One layer at a time. Again and again. Sin being anything we participated in throughout our soul history that was anything less than pure unconditional love. I could put a pretty bow on a fancy box- call it a catchy name- but the truth is: the HC is hard…harder as we move upscale… it is a process of unending service and commitment. It requires a spiritual connection that is so strong and vibrant that one does not give up, loose hope or succumb to the many temptations to do so during the HC. All we can do is our very best, in the knowing we are going in a evolutionary direction- and pray to be clear on what to do, how to do it and in what timing. Next level…next level.

back cover Booklet SSI

Intuitive Sensibilities


This practically says it all – the inner teacher. Yet the human mind finds complexities in an effort to understand. Once the mind has been successfully placated, it comes to surrender…many increments of surrender. With awareness and surrender we enter this ever increasing sacred space. This is the One space where all energies intersect. Commonly referred to as the ‘heart’. Physically we may say it is the combining of the mental capacities (third eye- which includes all the endocrine glands located in the head) with the center of the body (heart center- which includes the thymus and the physical heart). When the emotional body flows from these centers we may then contemplate deeper explorations. Before then we loop into astral realms, which may be very entertaining but has little to none evolutionary process. The deeper we tred into the One, the clarity and compassion increases exponentially. This is a gauge of true Intuition or astral play. When we begin to know life as a whole- people as a community, others as equal participants in the play- we know we are working in the right direction. Toward the One. Emotional transmutation as a continuous application is essential to the ongoing process of evolution. Ask, and it shall be given. So, let’s be mindful of what we ask. Humility, surrender….the One knows exactly who we are and our true intent. Nothing may be hidden. Love One’s Self.