2 Day Wholistic Intensive- Level 1~ Oct.20/21 (Click on post titles)

This two day Intensive is a wholistic healing experience for people at all levels. Great for health practitioners. The four aspects of wholistic life are:  Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual.  We will begin on the physical level by preparing the Ojibwe detox formula to take home (bring a jar). We will then learn about the […]

Body Electronics Pointholding Intensive

The Body Electronics Experience  This book provides prerequisite preparations for B.E. Pointholding Intensives held by Illia Heart B.E. is a wholistic self healing modality, practiced through the study and application of principles- natural law.  Physical, Emotional, Mental,  and Spiritual.  B.E. Intensives with Illia are 5 days with the option of an additional 5 days for […]

Today’s Teaching Oct 5 ’18- Resistance

What is ‘resistance’? In the context of Body  Electronics it may be simply defined as ‘anything less than unconditional love’. The resistance that exists in consciousness (inner yang), is the focus of transmutation. We bring this to the awareness to ORRR. This B.E. anagram means; 1. Observe- the willingness to feel (emotion), hear (word pattern) […]

Today’s Teaching- Oct. 3 ’18

I often receive ‘today’s teaching’ in dreamtime. All is consciousness. We have individually created experience, and morphogenic created (resonance). Our outer experience (yin) is reflective of our individual levels on the emotional tone scale. In Body Electronics we use the basic model of 49 levels of emotion. This scale from level 7 (unconsciousness) to level […]