Introductory Course Book- The Gnostic Way

Free download of the Introductory Course Book below. If inspired after reading, please consider joining me for an Equinox weekend by answering the questions on the application form and emailing this to- September 21/22 on Salt Spring Island, B.C.Application for The Gnostic Way ; Please answer the following questions and email to Illia Heart. […]

The Gnostic Way

Join Illia Heart for a 2 Day Workshop in The Gnostic Way this Equinox. Gnosis is knowledge acquired through direct spiritual/mystical experience. It is a wholistic experience of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual principles of transmutation. I have merged teachings of Ayurveda, Kriya Yoga, Body Electronics, and traditional teachings of Turtle Island. Please read the […]

Syllabus- The Gnostic Way

Some helpful reading to begin preparations for the course The Gnostic Way. How We Heal by Douglas Morrison Wholistic Health Made Easy by Illia Heart (on Amazon) The Body Electronics Experience by Illia Heart (Amazon) See more suggested reading in The Gnostic Way free introductory course booklet.

Emotion- Doorways to Change

The Art of Asking- Internally Asking is paramount to change. Change of consciousness requires several aspects- it begins with formulating a question to ones self. Suppressed/resisted experience, and the denial we created those experiences can hinder humility. Humility begins with the realization of this. Then the asking/true seeking within begins. Consciousness changes as we apply […]