Workshops with Illia 2019

On Salt Spring Island, B.C. Heart MerKaBa– Friday, July 5, 10-4 Tuition $111 Wholistic Health Made Easy– Monday, July 22 10-4- Tuition $130 Includes course book. Heart MerKaBa, Monday, August 5, 10-4 Tuition $111 Body Electronics 5 Day Pointholding Intensive– August 12-16, 9:00- 5:00 Tuition $660 Heart MerKaBa– Friday, August 30, 10-4, Tuition- $111 For […]

Body Electronics Pointholding Intensive

The Body Electronics Experience  This book provides prerequisite preparations for B.E. Pointholding Intensives held by Illia. How We Heal by Douglas Morrison is also prerequisite reading. B.E. is a wholistic self healing modality, practiced through the study and application of principles- natural law.  Physical, Emotional, Mental,  and Spiritual.  B.E. Intensives with Illia are 5 days […]

Endothermic /Exothermic

These terms in Body Electronics refer to the fundamental changes that take place during the process of biological transmutation. Research further in How We heal by Douglas Morrison, Biological Transmutations, beginning on page 363. Knowing the landscape of the B.E. process assists one to move swiftly and efficiently while not getting hung up on unknowns. […]