Botanical Detoxification- To Prepare

 The original formula was given freely by an Ojibwe medicine person to a nurse in Ottawa, Canada in the 1930’s. Her name was Rene Caisse- she named it Essiac, her name spelled backwards.

In the 1980’s I requested the formula from Ojibwe Elders for my father. I was taught how to prepare this botanical (root, herb, bark) detoxification formula in the traditional way. I have been doing so ever since. 

Burdock Root- 1part, Sheep Sorrel- 1part, Slippery Elm Bark- 1 part, Rhubarb Root- 1/4 part is the original formula. I have added an ingredient, Chaga- 1/8 part and in so doing I have named the formula Botanical Detox- with my label Bear Root Botanicals.


 Use spring water- 1/4 cup botanical formula to 11 cups water. Bring to a boil in a non metal pot (ceramic is good) then simmer gently for 20 minutes- stirring often with a wooden spoon.

During this time be present with the process. I was taught to ask the plant medicine what you require during this time. Being in gratitude is enough.

Cover and let steep overnight.


Use the herbal mixture again with a little less water, simmer again 20-30 minutes, to get all the benefit of the plants before composting.  This may be done 3X’s (or more). In this way we honour what the trees, roots, leaves, bark, fungi has given us when we use it until all the medicine has been extracted.

Store in a glass jar in fridge.

When taking, add some boiling water to chosen amount (decided by person taking) to make warm. It is pleasant this way.

Example- 2 oz of formula with 5 oz boiling water.

Start slowly as this is a powerful detoxification formula.

Your current state of health determines the level of healing crisis one will experience.  

Drink sufficient amounts of water while cleansing. This is important!

As with all cleansing and detoxification programs, increasing probiotic supplementation ensures  re-establishment of a healthy intestinal flora.

Personal Story~
I have witnessed many people heal themselves with the assistance of this formula, including my own father. My Dad was ‘given’ 3 months to live by conventional cancer specialists. He went to bed in a depressed state and prepared to die. We then (upon request) were given the detoxification ‘tea’ from an Ojibwe Elder.  In the beginning, Dad experienced intense healing crisis that he was willing to go through- a lot of bowel movement as the body flushed toxins (months). They were farmers who had always grown a lot of their own food, ate organically, free range, fermented, raw etc.- old school farming.  One of the problems though, was that the water supply (well) had been contaminated with chemical runoff from the onset of modern agriculture/farming methods, as well as declining air quality from near by oil refineries, etc.. They began drinking spring water, stopped eating white flour and white sugar (simple sugars), took probiotics daily as well as taking this herbal formula daily, for years! Dad recovered from 4th stage ‘multiple myeloma’ and he lived healthy and pain free for nine
more years. They traveled and fulfilled desires they had put off for their retirement years (not recommended). He passed consciously (wide awake) without pain or medication (cancer free).

In the 1980’s this formula was illegal.


The Master Cleanser-  by Stanley Burroughs

In this day and age it may be imperative to practice regular cleansing and detoxification of the body. Air, water, food qualities are continuing to worsen.  The Master Cleanser is a booklet outlining a detox formula developed and encouraged by a natural health enthusiast named Stanley Burroughs.

master cleanserHe recommended fasting while taking a specific formula. This was decades ago. It is my opinion that in today’s increased chemical and industrial world, considering the quality of food, air and water, we may have accumulated toxins that would make it difficult to completely fast while detoxing. A complete fast (water only) causes a toxic dump into the bloodstream. For this reason I suggest a slow and steady detoxification. When the toxins are disrupted during a detox and during fasting, they may seek a new place to settle.  The organs of elimination (skin, lungs/breath, urinary system, bowels, as well as the lymph and liver as filters and deliverers) need to be strong and open for a successful detox. Consult your wholistic health professional for guidance. Prepare well in advance for this process. Fasting and detoxing changes with the seasons.

Salt and baking soda baths may assist the gentle eliminations of toxins through the skin. I add some mustard powder and basil oil to my detox baths. This induces sweating.

A bowel cleanse prior to a fast or detox is usually necessary.

Keeping the urinary system flushed by drinking sufficient amounts of good spring water.

Deep breathing practices each day, for the lungs.

A brisk walk, dance, skipping, rebounder, etc. for lymph movement, can help to prevent stagnation.

Being monitored by a natural health practitioner or naturopath is recommended. Fasting from meat, dairy, wheat, corn, soy, sugars, alcohol..and any other food that is difficult to digest gives the digestive system and subsequently the lymphatic system, a stress relief.

Eat light, with greens, avocado, vegetables, good fats (Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon is an excellent resource) not mixing fruit or fruit juice with anything else.

Follow any detox with concentrated probiotics to assist in reestablishing a balanced intestinal flora. 

Juicing celery with cilantro is a great practice. Alkalizing and detoxifying.

A short watermelon fast (organic) with 1/2 the body weight in oz. of good spring water in addition, is an alkalizing cleanse.

A concentrated spring and fall six week cleanse around the Equinox is traditional practice both East- Ayurvedic tradition and West- Indigenous people of Turtle Island (N&S Americas).

Prior to a longer ‘detox’ the organs of elimination may be opened through colonics.  This is highly encouraged when degenerative disease is present, as time is a factor. This decreases the stress on the body, and makes the cleanse more efficient.

Anything more than a three day fast is a spiritual calling, and requires wholistic preparations well in advance. This is to say, prepare the body physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Traditionally an Elder would guide and watch over the spiritual fast. Seek wisdom inside and out.

In my personal practice, I assist the organs of elimination with supplementation year round. Taking great care to be hydrated, a must in the natural daily detoxification process.

1. Increased Enzyme supplementation during detoxification and fasting assists to eat up disturbed muco-proteins (accumulation in the lymph from undigestable food).

2. Benfotiamine (a B1 vitamin) helps release excess sugars out of the system, using the urinary system to eliminate. Drinking sufficient water is essential to this process.

3. Milk Thistle is an excellent liver cleanse and support. Further nutritional supplementation may be studied by reading How We Heal and on by Douglas Morrison.



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