Beyond the fire of personal responsibility, exists the Law Of Grace. I have experienced this many times in my 30+ years of teaching transmutation. As all teachers know, we must practice what we preach. I have been dedicated to the inner process, which has led me to deep and sometimes disturbing realms. In this place where surrender is the only option. Here I have experienced countless times what is described as the law of grace. I do not always know from where it comes, yet the assistance is undeniable. This invisible realm where mystery prevails. I am watching the inner process carefully, the reactions. We all have them..we have a build in survival mechanism. This part of us is well to observe. When we respond with compassion for ourselves it is extended to those around us. Keep up the inner change; love-gratitude-forgiveness.

In response to COV-19, I am making my online sessions by donation for the next few weeks.

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