The emotional body construct in The Gnostic Way comes from ancient teachings.

It is a simple 7 level system. Within those main 7 levels are all 7 levels nested equaling 49, as shown below.

Level 7- Unconsciousness – Apathy, Grief, Fear, Anger, Pain, Enthusiasm

Level 6- Apathy– Grief, Fear, Anger, Pain, Enthusiasm, Unconsciousness

Level 5- Grief– Fear, Anger, Pain, Enthusiasm, Unconsciousness, Apathy

Level 4- Fear– Anger, Pain, Enthusiasm, Unconsciousness, Apathy, Grief

Level 3- Anger– Pain, Enthusiasm, Unconsciousness, Apathy, Grief, Fear

Level 2- Pain– Enthusiasm, Unconsciousness, Apathy, Grief, Fear, Anger

Level 1- Enthusiasm– Unconsciousness, Apathy, Grief, Fear, Anger, Pain

From this basic emotional format, we gain an understanding of what is happening as we are moving emotionally upscale, from level 7- bottom up (gonads to pineal).  Being present and willing to feel ‘what is there’ is the first step to change/evolve. From here we bring up from suppression, trapped emotion/memory/ words.

This is done in a meditative practice, by remaining perfectly still and breathing deep and regular without pause. When we have the emotion we increase its intensity (more willingness), venting without projection. Here we find our gratitude, forgiveness, and love for the feeling.  With emotion is a suppressed memory and word pattern.

Feel what we feel with love.

When we find all three aspects, combined with the tenacious willingness to change, we encompass the memory, emotion and  words, with one or more of the three powers- Love, Forgiveness, Gratitude.

The energy that was once trapped by resisted experience is released.

This frees up the physical and emotional body. Being nutritionally saturated (enzymes, minerals, etc.), hastens this process.

 Transmutation Principle- Feel WHAT (authentic/real) we feel, WITH love, forgiveness, gratitude. 

From here we move into the mental body. This comes with more responsibility that is developed by the transmutation of the emotional body.

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