Nutrient Saturation for Body Electronics

The practice of Body Electronics requires nutrient saturation well in advance of Pointholding.This years B.E. Pointholding Intensive with Illia is being held on Salt Spring Island, August 12-16. Here is a basic list with some additions. 1. Enzymes a) Superfood Enzymes from Enzymes International- or any brand with a good protease, amalase, lipase content- best […]

1 Day Wholistic Intensive- Level 1~ (Click on post titles)

This one day Intensive is a wholistic healing experience. The four aspects of wholistic life are:  Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual.  We will begin on the physical level by preparing the Bear Root Botanicals- Detox Formula to take home (bring a jar). We will learn about the emotional body and how to keep it clear […]