2 Day Wholistic Intensive- Level 1~ Oct.20/21 (Click on post titles)

This two day Intensive is a wholistic healing experience for people at all levels. Great for health practitioners. The four aspects of wholistic life are:  Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual.  We will begin on the physical level by preparing the Ojibwe detox formula to take home (bring a jar). We will then learn about the […]

Wholistic Health Made Easy- 2 Day Intensive

Wholistic Health Made Easy with Illia October 21/21- 2018   One time only localTuition- $111 The days will be packed with lecture and practice. We will begin by making Ojibwe Detox (bring a jar). We will practice emotional transmutation as a group. There will be time for Q&A throughout the day. Accelerate your evolutionary path […]

MerKaBa- Flower Of Life Workshop

The MerKaBa Workshop (Flower Of Life) will be included in the  Oct. 20/21- 2 Day Wholistic Intensive. The MerKaBa is the electromagnetic field around all living beings, created and sustained by consciousness. To prepare for this workshop please read the Ancient Secret of the Flower Of Life- Vol 1 and 2, By Drunvalo Melchizedek and […]