Let’s Detoxify- Click link below for preparations.

Botanical Detoxification

This DETOX formula (and how to prepare it) was given to me in the 1980’s by Ojibwe elders. I share a personal story in the link above, of this botanical that was called Essiac.

There are several places to order the herb, roots, bark and fungi.

OM Foods, Nelson, BC,

Harmonic Arts on Vancouver Island, BC., Canada. Links below.

Golden Bough Botanicals- Vancouver, BC



If you have chronic illness that requires immediate attention, or prefer ready made, Herbal Cleanse by Flora is found in every health food store, in glass bottles. https://www.vitasave.ca/


The above picture is what I called the Healing Crisis starter kit. I took it many years ago when I rented a house out in the back country near Blue Mountain Ontario, where I stayed for 6 months, through a winter, without a cell phone or internet. Co-Enzyme (trace) Minerals from Enzymes International are a very effective way to detox and alkalize. Enzymes and probiotics are essential as well.

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