In the spirit of number 9, we will complete the Physical focus, which in the wholistic sphere is foundational in its importance to conscious freedom.

To Review;

1. Water. Wholistic Health Made Easy PDF

2. Begin the removal of toxic food and drink.

3. Healing Crisis (HC). Link to Book. Attachment. Resistance. More removal and additions. Grief.

Principle- Feel what you feel with love, forgiveness and gratitude.

4. Oxygen- Chlorophyll- Sunshine. Raw Protein. Quality inland Salt.

5. Entities. The Gut/Spirit Connection. Parasite cleanse. Probiotics.

6. Food Choices from How We Heal.

7. Chaga Chai. Dental care. Injections.

8. Botanical Detoxification– Recipe and preparations.

I call this template a Fast, to highlight the need to let go, to release, to purge the toxic substance, habits, purchasing, patterns and programs that lead to dross and involution.

As I have shown, physical principles builds on itself. With every choice we make to release anything less than love and care for our physical vessel, allows a thrust into rapid evolution.

Today I’m making cilantro, celery and raw turmeric juice.

Lovingly and willingly supporting the Healing Crisis with the following three main physical principles opens up the emotional body which leads to true and lasting change of consciousness.

1. Physical preparedness. Example: Nutrient saturation. Addiction release.

2. Stillness of Body.

3. Breath. Deep, Even, Unceasing (not allowing a pause at the end of the exhalation).

By remaining alert and aware to the biochemical triggers that arise in the HC, we ride the waves of biological change with grace. Removing sugar (sugar cane), beet and corn derived sweeteners, as well as all artificial sweeteners we move cellular suppression into degeneration.

With a continuous upgrading of nutrition, we encourage the healing crisis to systematically increase.

Lymphatic congestion, parasites, unhealthy yeasts and fungi, viruses, unhealthy bacteria, all surface to be subsequently released.

Day 11 begins Emotion and Transmutation.

May we be inspired through the perils of the evolutionary process, savouring moments of discomfort into transmutational bliss.

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