We are in an expansion phase of consciousness. This occurs morphogenically, for all of humanity.

The physics we knew is moving into expanded states of awareness. With this awareness, new natural laws apply. What once might have thought impossible, now is very natural.

When we apply natural law on the wholistic construct, as shown in the last 39 days, we move consciousness into a greater state of awareness. This is the necessary inner work.

In the physical realm, when we remove anything less than love, regeneration occurs. In ways we may have previously thought inconceivable.

Emotion is stimulated from thought. By the removal of unconscious patterns of thought which translate into emotional and physical response, we clear the space for conscious emotional and physical flow.

Thought is what creates what we call memory. Bringing memory into a contraction by containing in awareness we create opportunity to transmute. Transmutation brings expansion. Greater awareness.

The Universe creates in this way. Pressure of contraction pushes the spiraling force forward. Conscious evolution.

When I began my study and practice of Body Electronics, the word miracle was often used. It did seem miraculous for the blind to see, for the past or future to become present, to shift previous perception. Yet when we glimpse the magnitude of consciousness, we see unlimited potential. Making what once was considered miracles, quite the ordinary. As so the contraction/expansion continues.

When you take yourself to overwhelm within the HC, be grateful for your tenacity, your perseverance and your Love.

We are consciousness experiencing ourselves.

The wholistic construct is given for a simple template to guide ourselves through contraction/expansion.

Stillness, breath and nutrient saturation creates the perfect template for contraction/expansion. From contraction, expansion into the emotional body is accessed. From containing emotion, we condense the energies to move/remove, then the expansion into the mental body is realized. It’s a perfect system.

The Universal fail safe for expansion is Love.

Moving energies that are anything less than love, is the key to continued expanded awareness.

Here is a excerpt from The Holy Science, by Sri Yukteshwar

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