One description of a healing crisis is; ‘it gets worse before getting better’. This happens when stimulation, circulation, activation occurs somewhere within the wholistic spectrum. Healing Crisis is a natural process of degeneration and regeneration.

With the intent to induce consciousness change along with the willingness to heal, we encourage the onset, fullness and completion firstly through physical principles (upgrading nutrients while reducing toxins), actively applying emotional principles, which eventually opens awareness to mental and spiritual restoration.

The HC incites chaos. We can call this the degeneration process. The body detoxifying. With persevering application of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual law, coherence is inevitable. We can call this regeneration. There is natural perfection within human consciousness.

We are conscious and unconscious simultaneously. Being present to consciously interface with whatever surfaces from unconsciousness is the willingness at the onset of the HC.

To be open, truthful, honest to ourselves in thought, word and emotion.

Self awareness, continuously edited and refined. This results is increased responsibility. The ability to respond appropriately in each moment. This is reliant on clarity.

The absence of resistance/judgement.

Living Compassionate Love

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