Regeneration is a Natural Side Effect of Consciousness Change

In this 3D world, we live in a natural dualistic creative template. The distortion comes when one side of a duality is a focus, to the exclusion of the other.

This is where judgement is formed.

Let’s look at the idea of war/peace. The thought of war is essentially a desire to overpower something outside of ourselves, to take something by force. To demonize creates justification within the thought. Then it gets played out on this earthly stage.

The thought of peace, is the absence of war. Yet if we are striving for peace without the removal of warring energies within, peace is constantly running from war or proving itself to exist. In this way we create a struggle within the duality, keeping both war and peace in a constant battle.

Another classic pattern is love/hate. The more we run from what we hate, and mask it with love the more calcified the pattern becomes. When we release resistance to both love and hate, we find Love that has no opposite.

When we feel hate, intensify it. Contain it. Enjoy it. Love the feeling of hate. This is how we transmute. When we feel love that has condition, intensify it. Contain it. Love how it feels. When we feel we have sufficiently transmuted both sides, bring them together in encompassment. Bring the Hearts Fire to the duality. Allow it to work. Simultaneously make it happen and let it happen.

As I have previously shown, natural evolution within the wholistic template begins with physical, then emotional, then mental. As we clear emotional resistance we begin to naturally see the dualistic patterns we participated in.

Here we release the attachment to both sides.

Often what we may have considered the virtuous side, has more strength of resistance. Seeing both sides, releasing the resistance, encompassing both sides with the power of the heart flame, takes the pattern into dissolution.

From here we have a cleared space from where the experience of what we may call peace, has no opposite.

Transmutation continues in the multitude of layers we have created in and around each duality.

This 3D template has calcified many of these patterns within human consciousness.

To be free, to move forward into higher dimensional resonance requires the release of frequency patterns that formulate unconscious thought, and project it into the world.

Every step we make toward consciousness change, in all 4 cornerstones of wholism, propels us further into the evolutionary spiral.

Willingness to realize our participation in unconscious patterns, plus the willingness to change, is fundamental to the continuation of the process. And yes, while we are living in a 3D body, we are participating in the program.

Humility sees this, and works steadfastly without reward or goals.

Naturally, regeneration occurs in all 4 wholistic constructs, with the dissolution of dualities.

This is not an easy process.

Healing Crisis is painful.

May we rejoice in that pain.

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