Food & Drink in the Modern World –
Eating Clean

We have many considerations in this changing world in relation to food. Here are a few.
1. How the food is grown in relation to chemicals used. Non GMO that is not organic has high
usage of toxic chemicals in production.
2. Has the food been grown with seed altered by genetic modifications? GMO
3. How is it processed and transported?
4. Where is it produced? Some countries have farming methods that are less than ethical, and have learned legal ways to export around the world. This is happening with many foods.
Sometimes the label indicates where it was last packaged, not where it was produced.
5. Remove fish high on the food chain such as tuna. Heavy metal accumulation is of great concern with our modern diet. Fish, especially tuna have high mercury levels. Even fresh water fish have heavy metal contamination, and are to
be avoided. Avoid all farmed fish, for a number of reasons.

I rarely eat fish.
6. Removing wheat, corn, rice and soy from the diet can significantly improve health by reducing inflammation.

Replace with high quality grain in small amounts such as organic quinoa, hemp hearts,(refrigerate), and sprouted beans.
7. Remove canned food from diet. Buy food sold in glass containers, use glass also for food storage. Plastic is to be increasingly avoided. Use a large mason jar for your water bottle. They are both durable and a healthier choice to plastic or metal. Continuously upgrade and educate yourself on ever changing nutrition. Food that is prepared with unprocessed, whole, organic, non GMO, and
that have proven the test of time will help nourish and sustain vibrant health.

Eating Seasonally- Spring Cleaning
Here in Canada rhubarb is a welcome spring food that wakes up the system into detox. Spring
offers abundant nutrients the winter lacks. It is excellent for the body to go through the stages the seasons provide. Nettles, greens of all kinds, dandelion, asparagus etc. come into abundance in the spring. Growing herbs bring early welcome tastes that stimulate the palate, such as chives. As
fruit and vegetables grow and ripen in your area, (as long as they are organic, and not grown by a road side) indulge heartily.
Summer- Light and Cool
Continue what is provided locally (farmers market), and keep heavy foods to a minimum.
Foods that cool such as cucumbers and watermelon are excellent (organic of course).
Tomatoes and basil pair beautifully, later in the Remain well hydrated especially in the
warmer months.
Fall- Building Nutrients/Fat
Nuts and seeds: walnuts, pine nuts, cashew, pumpkin seed etc. provide nutrient dense and
higher fat foods that are appropriate when
preparing for winter. Warming foods such as yams and squash are easily digested. Curry meals
with extra ghee is welcomed. Begin using fermented food such as sauerkraut from fall vegetables like cabbage. A little each day provides enzymes and probiotics as we eat more cooked food, especially in cold climates. I prepare a Chaga Chai tea that is excellent through fall and winter.
Winter- Sustaining
Root vegetables: beets, carrots, parsnips etc. and
fruits that keep like apples sustain us though the
darker and colder times when metabolism naturally slows. Fermented food and drinks each day through the winter month’s keeps digestionon track. Soups and broth made with bones.
Hearty stews. Quinoa, barley, dried beans and pulses are nourishing and warming. Spices such as; cayenne, cardamom, turmeric and ginger warm us in winter, and encourage good circulation.
Celebrate with food and drink all year through.

Physical principles in Body Electronics is less than 10% of the wholistic regeneration process. Yet, consistently foundational.

Celery juice fasting until noon (I still take my supplements) is effective at clearing kidneys/urinary system, and assisting in maintaining correct levels of hydration. Celery is rich in minerals, including calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, sodium and zinc. This veggie also contains vitamins A, C and K, as well as folate, an essential B-vitamin.

A simple chart from Douglas Morrison’s book How We Heal. He greatly expands on all of these points in his book.

Remove/reduce wheat, eggs, corn, soy, rice & meat (especially any that is processed or cured).

Some of the pleasant side effects of this Fast is the release of foods, habits, parasites, entity’s, thought patterns, emotion, stagnation. From this cleared energy we choose, not through a glass darkly.

Replacing detrimental food choices with raw protein snacks and plant protein smoothies alleviates cravings that accompany letting go of worthless calories.

Raw Protein snacks!

Freshly grind;


1 cup raw Pumpkin seeds- fresh ground

2 tbsp. raw bee pollen- fresh ground

1/4 cup ground chia seed, flax seed, black seed, sesame seed. fresh ground.

Add- 1 Tbsp. of maca powder, ashwagandha, shatavari if you choose.

Mix these dry ingredients.

Then add in organic date paste 

UNREFINED coconut oil, melted and pour slowly into dry ingredients until you get the consistency to make into balls.

MIX (with hands works well),

Add- walnut pieces, cocoa nibs, goji berries, cranberries, dried cherries (OM Foods) as desired.

Dust in a mix of cardamom powder, cinnamon, Bolivian Rose Salt (or other quality salt) to taste.

FREEZE for later or ENJOY immediately.

Great to snowboarders, skiers, swimmers, hiking etc.


Garden of life nutritional shake, is an excellent all in one plant protein powder. I use vanilla, because I add berries. Avoid protein powers with whey or other hard to digest (muco-protein causing) ingredients.

Banana and frozen berries.

Coconut milk from the carton. Dilute with spring water to desired consistency.


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