In my near 20 years practicing Iridology, I observed few that did not show indications of parasitic infection. Symptoms were nearly always sugar/carb addiction, swelling, past alcohol abuse, lethargy, lymphatic congestion, muscle weakness, stress. Parasitic hosting results in a constant weakening of the immune system, resulting in vulnerability to viral infections. Autoimmune reactivity sends the biological system into overdrive. By removing the cause, parasitical involvement we allow the systemic healing of our wholistic body.

Today begins a parasite cleanse.

Each of the days on this fast is for education and inspiration. Apply to your life as your choose. When you choose.

The host condition for parasites occurs prior to contraction. Here we look at the gut/spirit connection. If for any reason we experience deep unconsciousness we have created potential for spiritual parasites to enter. This may happen with anesthesia, consuming excessive alcohol, drug use,stress, trauma, habits and addictive behavior creating unconsciousness.

Self medicating opens oneself to influences of other entities and vibration. Usually unconsciously. See the link below, with David Icke speaking beautifully on the topic.

Symbiosis of body and spirit will be focused on throughout the WF.

More from How We Heal on entities.

As we move the parasitical energies out of the physical level, we become increasingly aware of the auric field repairing itself. Here we begin to see where the patterns exist in consciousness, that opened ourself to the entrance of undesired entities. From this awareness, transmutation is actively applied which in turn closes the tears in our individual auric field. This assists the earth’s energy field by removing this contribution.

Entity removal is accompanied by letting go. Smudging with respect and gratitude, while sending them off in a ‘good way’.

Sunrise Smudging with White Sage

There is a definite connection between entities and intestinal parasites. We begin the HC by removal of the physical component, recognizing through the three powers of self forgiveness, gratitude and love for the experience. This lays the foundation for emotional, mental and spiritual clearing.

Probiotic may be taken mid day between the antiparasitic. Following the 15 day cleanse there is a 5 day break where high doses of probiotics and fermented foods are to be taken, before going into another 15 day antiparasitic. Following this double your normal dose of probiotics until the gut flora has been restored.

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