We finished Day 3 on the Healing Crisis. If you missed the links there please go back and see the writings which includes an out of print book on the subject by John Whitman Ray, titled Logic In Sequence- The Healing Crisis. Having knowledge of the HC is important as we decrease (fast) from substances holding suppression in the body. The HC will then be enhanced by what we add for revitalization/regeneration.

From How We Heal

Raw protein.

You may see more on this from Wholitic Health Made Easy, PDF on Day 1. If you eat what honey bees produce, then crushed bee pollen (unpasturized) taken with a little honey first thing in the morning gives us full spectrum amino acids (complete raw protein).

Good quality salt.

Bolivian Rose Salt, from the Andes Mountains, harvested inland beneath a lava flow, then sun dried. This salt has the lowest natural sodium chloride with the highest trace mineral content. Excellent taste.

Kucho and Illia at the shamans cave, Machu Picchu.

Combine essential fatty acid’s with sulphur protein, Chlorophyll and Sunlight brings one into greater capacity for oxygenation. This is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!

How We Heal regarding this, including Johanna Budwig’s work with cancer patients. Using organic flax oil with cottage cheese.

To simplify, flax oil, chlorophyll ((chlorella or liquid chlorophyll), sulphur protein (cottage cheese) with SUNSHINE, bring the oxygenation of the body to greater capacity.

Machu Picchu the day I received the name Illia (Light). 2004.

Meditate on the energy of Machu Picchu.

This completes Day 4.

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