What is a wholistic fast? In it’s essence it is about getting fluent in letting go. Physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. The first phase of the fast is concentrating on the physical aspects, while maintaining an awareness of the other 3 cornerstones of wholism. In the completion of this 40+ day fast, we will have received the knowledge to continue regenerating with the power of transmutation.

We can’t speak on letting go without including attachment. Whether we are facing a sugar addiction which plagues our world, or any other substance that drains our life force and prevents us from experiencing potentialities, letting go is part of the regenerative process.

Doug Morrison writes in How We Heal;

You see from the above writing, the essence of resistance/nonresistance. From this knowledge, we may change the energies that are impeding our healing. This wholistic fast in it’s foundation is about consciousness change, which precedes true healing.

Resistance; anything less than unconditional love, is what keeps the undesirable in manifestation. Love thine enemies is relevant here. Love the sinner and not the sin.

Easy to understand, not as easy to apply. This requires wholistic encompassment for the purpose of transmutation. A tremendous willingness is required.

A simple principle to remember is; Lovingly and Willingly Endure all things. I will expand on this in the coming days. Meditate on the feeling of lovingly and willingly. If someone or something comes into awareness that has resistance attached to it, see how you can lovingly and willingly feel.

Back to letting go. Here are a few removals for the FAST.

  1. Sugar which includes all sugar substitutes, corn byproducts, glucose/fructose.
  2. Wheat, soy, corn, rice.
  3. Dairy
  4. Meat
  5. Alcohol
  6. Recreational drug use
  7. Chemical hygiene and cleaning products.

Here are some additions. You can find more on these in the book shared freely on DAY 1. Wholistic Health Made Easy written by me.

  1. Supplementation of enzymes
  2. Supplementation of trace minerals
  3. Supplementation of probiotics
  4. Daily raw protein
  5. Daily essential fatty acids
  6. Regular detox bathing
  7. Brisk walk, swim, skipping, dancing, whatever gets you moving.

While concentrating on drinking water for continuous hydration.

Grief (and many other emotions) often accompanies the letting go process.

Feel WHAT you feel WITH Love.

If it is grief, allow the feeling to be felt. Embrace it. Feel how much you can love it, without wanting it to go away.

Here we enter into the onset of the HEALING CRISIS.

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