The Gnostic Way- Unifying The Wholistic Construct

In the previous 35 days, there has been an movement of focus from physical to emotional. mental to spiritual.

From here we connect the 4 cornerstones of wholism into a sphere, as this energy moves as one. From this cohesive connectivity, consciousness continues to traverse ever expanding awareness.

Following the completion of this WHOLISTIC FAST, it may feel good to start again, as many times as you feel. This sets a flow of evolutionary movement in all 4 aspects of wholistic consciousness. I will go back to the beginning with some edits, and additions.

The Gnostic Way is meant to be shared in person, with groups. This incubation time may be used wisely to prepare for the intensity of a gathering.

  1. Be evolutionary in your nutrition. Building to a saturation (promoting Healing Crisis) level.
  2. Practice perfect stillness.
  3. Breath deep and even without pause with the 3 part breath.
  4. Remain aware of surfacing emotion. Make time to transmute.

Three Part Breath

This breathing is like a piston pump to the emotional body when practiced correctly.

Lay flat, or sit with spine straight without crossing arms or legs.

Breath through the nostrils, filling the bottom of the lungs first, then sternum to clavicals.

Observe the bottom of the belly expand, up until the clavicles raise.

Then exhale, first from the clavicle, to sternum, to bottom of belly.

Pull in the belly muscles at the end of the exhale, and move immediately into the inhalation.

This is a simple, yet a great percentage of the population breaths backwards.

With practice this can be reversed, and eventually will become natural again. We are all born breathing this way.

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