Ascension of Consciousness

When we personally remove/transmute energy (resistance/attachment) from the 4 cornerstones of our own wholistic fractality,and hold that level of hard earned light, we find doorways into greater awareness. This is continuous. There are plateaus where we can bask in the newly found light, yet verily we continue on.

Amendment is a powerful transition. Self forgiveness holds the energetic key to the transcendence of suppressed emotion, especially through pain.

There is no external physical activity that can save you. There is no one that can do it for you.

This is consciousness, in symbiosis with Divine Essence.

This is the importance of being aware of, connected with, in reverence to, nature.

This is the importance of keeping our body as natural as possible. Keeping toxins and poisons out of our body to the best of our ability. Allowing emotion to surface and release. Balancing the hemispheres of the electromagnetics of the brain.

To dance with the Great Mystery.

The energies of Yeshua, Mary Magdalene, and many other masters give deep esoteric teachings.

Read Revelations with an Open Heart, and quieted mind. Interpreting not in a literal way, but in a way of internal knowing. The 7 lamps are internal. The churches are internal. Ask to see what the word represent. Interpretation is reliant upon the current level of consciousness. This changes as we change.

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