At this point in the Fast, we have greatly reduced incoming toxins, while adding essential nutrients. As I stated in the early days, this is the foundation for rapid evolution of consciousness within the Healing Crisis.

As with all good H.C., things will seem inverted. We experience cravings for what is NOT supportive of the H.C. Cravings for sugar, cheese, bread, beer, wine, chips, whatever the biochemical addiction ‘thinks’ will make the H.C. stop and take us downscale (involutionary) into a relative level of balance. With perseverance a relative level of evolutionary balance will be attained with successful completion of every H.C.

I have decreased cravings by taking a probiotic with a glass of water. Eating a handful of raw pumpkin seeds has saved me many times from succumbing to craving.

Moving through the pattern to continue involutionary action takes practice and perseverance.

Healing Crisis is well on it’s way to fruition. Now the time is ripe for surfacing emotion. You have earned this. Make time for them. Allow the feelings, in a private space where venting can happen without judgement. Practice non projection of emotion. Internally be alert to the reaction to blame. Energy send to another whether silently (covert anger) or overtly, has a looping effect and has to be recognized, held within without justification, while activating forgiveness, love and gratitude.

Feel into the vulnerability of opening into places that may have been unseen for a very long time. Childhood memory where trauma created resistance may surface for release.

We are in charge of our H.C.

Being aware of how the healing crisis presents, makes it easier to navigate. This is an independent, self initiating, self responsible process. It was painful stimulus for me within many HC, that no one could assist me but me. A true initiatory experience.

Let’s delve deeper into the spiritual aspects that come into awareness with completed H.C. where transmutation has been successfully applied.

In my seeking for higher consciousness I have sought Eastern Traditions, particularly Kriya Yoga. Western Tradition with Native Elders of Canada. Teachings of natural law and spirituality. My childhood was saturated with Christianity.

From my own study, observation and experience I share.

What I share is in no way meant to lead anyone into dogma, fundamentalism or belief, but to encourage the process of independent evolution.

Over the following weeks I will share spiritual practice. Anchoring higher consciousness into this earthly realm.

I welcome questions and comments below.

The Immortal Yogi- Mahavatar Babaji

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