The Mental Body

With emotional transmutation the mental body is accessed incrementally.

At each main level (7) of the emotional body we find pain at level 2. The Fire of the kundalini burns through Here we are increasingly aware of the mental body. As we encompass pain with enthusiastic love (level 1), judgement within the mental body is made clear. This is seen in thought, word and emotion.

While holding the willingness to encompass with love, we gain access to the inner Flame. This Light often seen as hues of violet, is the transmuting force of the mental body. This is where transmuting law changes from emotional (love, forgiveness, gratitude) to mental (Light/Fire/Flame).


Physical principles- Nutrition, Stillness, Breath

Emotional Transmutation– Love, Forgiveness, Gratitude

Mental Body– Transmuting Fire on dualistic attachment

The pink links take you to many more layers.

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