Enjoy the crescendo of energies.

Let us look ever more closely at the attachment we place in thought word and emotion. Where do we cling (judge) one side of a duality to the exclusion/suppression of the other.

What do we do after the attachment/ judgements are discovered?

Find all three creative aspects that correlate, THOUGHT (memory) WORDS (vibration) EMOTION and love forgive and be grateful for everything we find. The inner Flame will make itself known, and when it does employ it to burn away anything less than loving coherence.

Truly with depth of soul.

This is uncreation/transmutation.

When we find both sides of a label, ‘positive/negative’. ‘good/evil’ for example, see the many layers of judgement we have attached to this.

Find resistance that is held toward whatever. Forgive, Love and be Grateful with what arises. Even when stimulated by outer circumstances.

From here we gradually merge from the binary (dualistic) thought forms into the quantum field. This is assisted through benevolent Grace both inside and out.

I saw major shifts in 1987 again in 2005, yet again in 2020.

From the quantum field we see more immediate response to our thought, word and emotion.

From here there isn’t time to forget how we created it. Here we quickly become adept to our transmutation process. Compassion is so present, we do not allow/cause any harm to oneself or any other being. We do this with being present and on guard to the thought, emotion and words/vibrations that arise in the unraveling process of our own unconscious emerging.

Gradually thought, word and emotion holds to a vibration of benevolence.

The MerKaBa (our individual field of light) connects with the torroidal fields of earth, sun, and all living beings. It has had the spin ratio of 34/21. Moving into a higher ratio of 55/34 requires a shift in consciousness. This will assist others to do the same, much like the pioneers of mental/emotional transmutation have facilitated (to make easier) others. Natural law rules. Stay connected with the spirit of the earth.

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