In 2005 I first saw this petroglyph outside of Sedona AZ in a place called Palakti.At that time I was instructed (internally) to memorize it and go home and draw it on my drum. I wasn’t to take a picture at that time. I did this with a pencil.In later years I was given permission to photograph.Today more than 15 years later, I am instructed to paint the glyph with some natural pigment I brought back from there a few years ago. You are invited to join me for the next week until Solstice to use your drums, rattles, songs. Make your offerings.

On the turning of the Solstice 2:02 AM, December 21, I am making the fire with ashes from a ceremony of the Condor and the Eagle. The Rainbow Prophesy when all of good heart unite in compassionate love.

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