On 20 years of being single. How did that happen?

This mornings inspiration/contemplation in the in between worlds was looking at my place in the world as a single woman. It isn’t that I have taken a stand on remaining single, I have been quite open in my pursuit of a partner.

In looking back over my sexual partnerships, I see that I was quite in the moment. Not without commitment as I am a wolf in my loyal companionship. One of the traits that stands out in my past perusal on the subject is my ability to let go of what is not appropriate in a evolutionary way. either for me, the other or both. After giving it all I had that is. Even when leaving the relationship was the most difficult thing to do, emotionally, financially and parenting. I married twice, lived common law twice. All four had profound teachings for me as well as the others I am sure. I have also had deep and profound relationships while dating over the last 20 years as well. The evolutionary path chosen requires conscious care within relationship. Tender love fuels and fulfills. The dance of giving and receiving in partnership is rewarding, and has a growth all of its own.

For all I am truly thankful.

As I sit here now I celebrate being single.

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