Let’s consider 90+ % of our individual consciousness is unconscious. That of which we are not aware. From our soul history to trauma, human consciousness has a magnificent defense mechanism for survival. The unconscious. Let’s define this further for understandings. We live in this third dimensional reality by closing off parts of our self for sheer survival. We live on earth in a sliver of the electromagnetic field we see as waves and vibrations that form the colour spectrum. Here we reside, for now. While we are here, we have the capacity to evolve. By this I say we have opportunity to bring to conscious awareness that which requires transmutation (change). The effect is increased awareness, what we may refer to as higher consciousness.

The first requirement is willingness. Willingness to see, willingness to change. This willingness must increase in its potential as we dive deeper into the darkness.

The darkness is our saviour, drawing us ever inward, for love rests there.

Illia Heart on Mt Maxwell

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  1. It is so much what i lived yesterday and still in now ! <3 I had a deep wakening with the help of Daniel and my Mom( who is in the light).Now i wish with all my heart to keep that willingness in me to go deeper and deeper to feel more and see more Love ! Thank you for your guidance and Love Illia <3

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