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Trauma- That’s Us

If we are human we are filled to capacity with trauma. How we differ is in the way we receive and process the bombardment of traumatic experience, from the intense to the very subtle. We are a race of souls that historically continue in the patterns of abuse. We abuse ourselves, and others. This results in the compounded suppression of inexperienced trauma. The following quote is from a hundred years ago. In this time, it is a grand awakening for the masses to release what divides us from truth. Our individual and collective experience of anything less than love, may be considered trauma. It is up to us to change it, from the inside out. Attempts to manipulate the external is temporary at best.

“So history, namely change, has
been mainly due to a small number
of ‘seers’, really gropers and monkeyers
whose naive curiosity outran that of
thier fellows and led them to escape
here and there from the sanctified
blindness of their time”

James Harvey Robinson
– The Mind In the Making – 1921

In the work, The Gnostic Way, we comprehensively in a step by step wholistic practice, release the inner shackles of our making. We practice this in a small group setting, that I teach on Salt Spring Island, B.C.

If the above course booklet inspires you to action, consider joining the next Intensive in the spring of 2020.

I am giving private sessions as well.

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