Evolution & the emotional tone scale.

  1. By practicing a process of evolution through transmutation of the emotional body, we move our energy upscale.
  2. In understanding the 7×7 levels of emotion and their resonance to outer activity which include sexual intimacy, makes for clear guideposts in the evolutionary process .
  3. Lets take a look at the scale of emotion from the bottom up.  Level 7 – Unconsciousness- This level is related physically to the gonads (testes in male- ovaries in female). Sex and reproduction is mostly an ‘unconscious’ reactive/compulsive process . As we move upscale the awareness continuously opens. Level 6- Apathy- resonates to the spleen. Level 5- Grief- resonates to the pancreas. Level 4- Fear- to the heart. Level 3- Anger- to the thyroid. Level 2- Pain- resonates to the pituitary. Level 1- Enthusiasm/love, with the pineal. emotional body 015
  4. This is an ‘upward’ flow of energy within the emotional process, resonating in the physical. Our sexual interactions reflect this resonance. Our mind may ‘want’ things a certain way- but the frequency of emotion is going to determine the vibration we attract in a partner. It’s that simple. As long as there is upward/evolving consciousness, we can be assured the intimacy is going towards being more loving. This is a broad generalization, yet a beginning to clearer understanding and inspiration for further growth.
  5. By knowing where the attraction/repulsion has been created within our own consciousness, or should I say unconsciousness, we have opportunity to move upscale becoming more and more aware. This leads to greater choice and freedom within the sexual experience. Traversing simplicity to complexity from unconsciousness (simplicity) to fear (complexity), then from complexity in the level of fear (heart) to simplicity in the level of love/enthusiasm (pineal), is a wild and wonderful journey. Watching the sexual magnetism along the way is one way to see (and work with) patterns. Each new level of unconsciousness brings up deeper levels of awareness in regards to sexuality x 7.
  6.  What we experience is a creation of that (yin), whether we are aware of how we created (yang) or not. Becoming more aware of our thought, word and emotional qualities make way for deep personal change.
  7. The ‘three powers’ within the emotional body are simply- gratitude, forgiveness and love. This is our evolutionary juice.
  8. Apply.

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