Illia on Emotional Evolution;

Transmutation of the Emotional Body-

 In the presence of applied enthusiasm we begin the upscale process of emotional evolution. This begins with lovingly and willingly enduring all things. It is then that the ‘crystals’ held in the body begin to dissolve, yielding up suppressed thoughts, feelings (emotion) and words (word patterns present in the crystal). At this time we are given opportunity to actively participate in transmuting patterns with the Power of Love, Forgiveness and Gratitude.  This requires the focus of intensifying what is unfolding and maintaining all three creative aspects simultaneously. Enthusiasm in Body Electronics is number 1 on the scale of emotion. The word ‘enthus’ comes from Greek, roughly translated as ‘god within’. In B.E. we liken it to the application of ‘unconditional’ love during the release of resistance.  This level has the capacity to transmute all levels of emotional beneath it.

Memory -Emotion –Words~

Be in the sensory memory, in other words bring it into the PRESENT. Feel what is there, say the words (internally or externally) and encompass it ALL with Love and Forgiveness. It’s simple, not always easy. When the emotional body experiences transmutation, pathways are opened and upscale (evolutionary) movement occurs.

The Hereditary Level – Genetics- DNA Imprints

 Our soul is attracted to the genetic structure of the parents with which we come into physical being.

 We often find the same or the opposite of the resistance pattern(s) in our ancestors and children. We also can ‘remember’ a relative’s memory. Take what we get and work with it. Transmutation of a genetic pattern creates a ripple effect through our connected ancestry, through morphogenetic resonance, regardless of where they are at present.

The Soul Level

 We each have created a unique soul history. It is our stored patterns of resistance, often accompanied by trauma we are looking for, in order for it to be released. The patterns we are looking for exist in this life, although it is common to ‘find’ ourselves in past life (or occasional future) situations requiring release. Take what you get and work with it.

The Entity Level

 ‘It should be clearly understood that an entity is not the cause of any of our resistances, but more of an effect. A particular resistance will create a hole in our energy /auric field.’ HWH pg. 29

 These self-created ‘holes’ will sometimes fill with separate intelligence, but mostly it is our own repeated programming that we judge as separate intelligence. With love and respect, we offer it ALL to the great recycler, when we transmute the pattern. I remember a pointholding session, when I released hundreds of animal entities I had attracted through sympathy/attachment. They were all so willing and happy to move on.

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