It is all about consciousness. Each of us individually chooses each moment.

The spine opens as we open consciousness through active transmutation (consciousness change).

We know the human spine has 33 vertebrae. The spine is the physical pathway where the molecular structure is fed by Prana/Chi/Ki/Energy. The universal fail safe allows the perfect amount of spiritual energy to flow though the spine, in direct response to consciousness. In this way we devolve, loop consciousness or evolve.

Let’s look at evolution.

Earth has its own natural evolution. We are directly connected to this. This earthly realm is a perfect container for evolution of consciousness. Here I share a short history lesson on consciousness that inhabit the earth to this day.

One very small group comes mostly from Mars. They seeks to control, manipulate and rule. The current interest in going to Mars, is wanting to go back to their home planet. This level of consciousness has little to no emotion or conscience. We see this being played out by spending trillions on the Mars pursuit while ignoring starvation and homelessness. Without emotion and conscience they have not been able to evolve, and will find their way through the involutionary spiral back to the great Void. This is a very small percentage of earthly inhabitants.

A large percentage of humans loop in emotion and unresolved trauma without the desire or willingness to take an active role in their own ability to change. The wheel of karma continues for them.

The third group of human inhabitants, are here to transform, transmute, transfigure and resurrect their own consciousness into a whole new level.

What is this new level? It is yet to be revealed, as it has not been created yet.

Earth is home for this Universal shift.

Each of us as individual Spirits here on Earth have their role to play. I send compassion and gratitude for each role.

Grace be upon you.

Photo- I remember this very moment. I was teaching a Body Electronics Intensive at Mount Shasta.

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