1 Day Wholistic Intensive- Level 1~ (Click on post titles)

This one day Intensive is a wholistic healing experience. The four aspects of wholistic life are:  Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual.  We will begin on the physical level by preparing the Bear Root Botanicals- Detox Formula to take home (bring a jar). We will learn about the emotional body and how to keep it clear […]

Wholistic Health Made Easy

Wholistic Health Made Easy Physical vitality Release stress and tension. Emotional transmutation Meditation for balanced brain Spiritual awareness  These are some of the topics of Wholistic Health Made Easy.   WHME- 2 Day Workshop on September 16th- $111 ONE TIME LOCAL PRICE Book is available @ Ganges Saturday Market. Register by E-mail- Illiaheart55@gmail.com

Wholistic Health Made Easy- 1 Day Intensive

Wholistic Health Made Easy with Illia The day will be packed with lecture and practice. We will begin by making Illia Heart Detox Formula (bring a jar). We will practice emotional transmutation as a group. There will be time for Q&A throughout the day. Accelerate your evolutionary path with simple yet profound technique. Register- Illiaheart55@gmail.com  […]