~ Salt Spring Island Wellness Retreat

Illia Heart’s Brief Bio

Enjoy pure water, fresh sea air and explore nature.

Physical- Emotional- Mental- Spiritual

These are the wholistic cornerstones of life.

Illia brings over 30 years of wholistic study and practice to the table. She holds a degree in Ayurveda, teaches Intensives on The Gnostic Way and is a Body Electonics Instructor. These individualized retreats are intended to reset the client on a wellness path.

 Illia facilitates session work where emotion/trauma/stress held in the body (consciously or not), is brought to the forefront where it then may be released. This is done through a specific application of sustained acupressure, and an internal (consciousness) process of transmutation. Wholistic Acupressure.  $144- 2 hrs

You may choose a weekend or one full week. If considering this intensive, e-mail Illia with time request.

  These retreats are for those who have the willingness and tenacity to implement powerful change. This is the only requirement.

Notes from participants-

 “Illia provides a nurturing and safe container in which I felt very supported to be open and vulnerable, enabling me to do some very deep and profound inner work. She is very gentle and communicative, and at the same time, carries a great power and fire to encourage one to explore their own personal limitations and shadow. I have attended several healing Intensives and worked in private sessions with Illia. I would recommend Illia to any being seeking support or direction in their journey of healing and awakening. She has been and still is a bright shining beacon along my own personal path.” Christopher Schroeder-

Holistic Therapist-Kauai HI 

“Illia is very intuitive. She powerfully yet gently facilitates change. She has a gift for bringing truth to light and I found my experience at her wholistic retreat to be a sacred opportunity to change. Illia provides comfortable and serene accommodation.  I enjoyed the natural spontaneous flow of Illia’s approach. When I arrived I was a frantic bundle of fear and as the week went on I was able to open and soften and release much that I was not even aware I was carrying. Since returning home I have been inspired and increasingly creative. If you are feeling the call to look within and nourish your body, mind and spirit I highly recommend attending one of Illia’s retreats on Salt Spring Island.” Rose Canino- Artist www.rosecanino.com

E-mail wholehealthcentre@yahoo.com for more information.

This is a pet and smoke free environment.

“I provide a comfortable space for retreat, rejuvenation and healing.  See Testimonials for more information or email me directly.  If you are ready for change~ I welcome you.” Illia

2 night Retreat – $330

One person- accommodation only

1 week Retreat- $880

One person- accommodation only.

Time for Q&A is allotted each day.

Kitchen use available.

Transportation to and from Salt Spring Island, B.C., Canada
Long distance travelers-  Victoria International airport is a short drive to Swartz Bay/ Fulford Harbour Ferry terminal. A quick and beautiful ferry ride to Salt Spring Island.