Join Illia Heart for a 2 Day Workshop in The Gnostic Way.

Gnosis is knowledge acquired through direct spiritual/mystical experience. It is a wholistic experience of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual principles of transmutation.

I have merged some of the practices and principles in Ayurveda, Kriya Yoga, Body Electronics, and traditional teachings of Turtle Island.

Please read the introductory course booklet for a greater understanding of this work.

Tuition- $330

$110 at Registration


‘To people who may hear this, specifically friends and clients of the work of Illia Heart-  this is a resounding letter of support based on my travel/healing experiences with her. I feel to paint a picture of what I have witnessed, of the wisdom and knowledge Illia embodies. From her vantage point , the regenerative potentiality of the human body is the hope and wonder of healing. Wholistic health may be accessed- harnessed within a very comprehensive systematic approach.  With a willingness to experience the contents of our own consciousness, to edit and refine- begins the process. Illia carries the honesty, compassion and discernment, necessary to hold the energy around and to facilitate profound healing. She shares practical methods with light heart. Illia is a joyful presence/catalyst of self-discovery mixed with a hearty dash of whimsy, childlike wonder of the miraculous opportunity we have as humans here on Earth. In my early initiations into Illia’s work, I chose to be part of a 22 day journey in Sedona, Arizona. This time had the side-effect of numerous spontaneous magical unfoldings instilling a deep appreciation of precious life. An example of personal responsibility within the healing process, Illia is also a tangible reminder that each of us is miraculous in life, in love, simply by being human. Life is ecstatic.”   

Aeron McKenna- Fiber Artist~ Cedar Snail Textiles

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  1. “Each of us has the opportunity to discover for ourselves the inner process of evolving consciousness.” That is exactly what is happening – a process I have no control over. It is Grace!

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