Kucho and I at the mouth of Shaman’s Cave, Machu Picchu, Peru. 2004, following ceremony. This picture was taken prior to Drunvalo returning to the cave with the Eagle feather.

Machu Picchu at sunrise. At five o’clock that morning a group of us made our way to meet Kucho in the Shamans Cave to have Ceremony. This required travelling up the Mountain, finding from verbal intructions, and shimmying on a ledge on the exterior or the Mountain of Macchu Pichu to a deep cave. Prior to finding the cave, Drunvalo and I stood shoulder to shoulder as the Sun rose. We made our way to the cave together.

This picture was taken following the ceremony. We thought at this moment we were saying ‘so long’, but the Ancients had more for us on this day.I asked if I could stay in the cave after everyone had left, Kucho said yes without hesitation. This cave stimulated feelings and memory. When I was alone, sitting in the center of the cave, I heard a symphony of voices. Many languages and vibrations. There were so many sounds and voices simultaneously I had to relax and just be. After an hour or two, time was hard to tell, I heard a voice clearly say Kucho had a gift for me. 
This was going to require some Divine intervention as I was scheduled to leave Machu Picchu that afternoon. Eventually I came out of the cave and made my way down to the where the buses constantly shuffle people up and down to the town. I got on a bus mostly filled and within a couple minutes we were making our way down the mountain.

Emotion filled to capacity, I struggled to contain the feelings of leaving ‘The Mountain’. I looked up to the front of the bus, and i saw Kucho’s leather hat peeking over the top of the front seat. Could it be? When the bus stopped, he just calmly turned and gestured that he would wait for me outside. I, like an innocent five year old, full of excitement, began to tell him what had happened in the cave. With a sparkle in his eye, he gave me instructions to meet him at a certain place at a certain time.

I rushed back to my hotel and made arrangements for my luggage to go to the train and then set off to find Kucho. I waited, but no one came. I heard music playing beneath me, and leaned over a low stone wall to become entranced by a five piece Peruvian band below.

Beyond the music I became aware of a man pointing at me. He was tall for a Peruvian, with long black hair, and the face of a crow. His stare was intense. He pointed at me and then over to his left. I looked, and there was Kucho with a wide grin, waving a full over head wave, and in the other arm he held a beautiful two year girl.

My heart lept, and off I scurried down to meet them. He escorted me into a building. He was beautiful in his white ruffled shirt, and his shiny black hair was free down his back.

A orange ceremonial Blanket was on the floor, sacred herbs were burning, and Love permeated. We knelt,  made an offering to PachaMama while Kucho spoke some delicate words of the Ancient Ones. He said
I had fulfilled my role by bringing ‘my’ Eagle feather to Peru.
Drunvalo and I were the only ones who knew this, on the physical level yet the invisible ones looking on knew all along. Part of the lesson was on attachment/non attachment. Letting go of the ideas and beliefs of time gone past. Making room for a new way of being. We sat with knees on the edge of the blanket, the young child sat in wide eyed silence.


“From this day on, from Machu Picchu, you are Illa. Light”

The Energy surged through my body, from the top down.The ceremony continued, with energy dripping from every word.

After the three of us laughed and hugged, and kissed each other’s forehead and cheeks, eventually I was able to leave.

I changed that afternoon, I do not want to define it, but I know i changed.

I am thankful to Kucho, who on the night of the full moon, climbs the mountain of Machu Picchu to offer prayers of Love for this beautiful Planet and ALL that It Is.

I give thanks to the Ancient Ones, who are so much a part of Life on Earth.

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