Past, present, future.

The struggle of the emotional body to control life.

In unconsciousness we barely if at all realize the undercurrents of our habits and behaviours. The thought patterns that move us unknowingly is what we invite to be revealed in the practice of Body Electronics. From awareness we release resistance to life, and in so doing we evolve our soul experience.

In apathy we simple don’t care. Here we placate ourselves with observation without participation. We watch life from the sidelines.

In grief we bare the brunt of victimhood. Life is happening to us.

Fear comes with a great realization. We have control over our response. We can fight or flee. This liberation brings a sense of empowerment. But don’t stop there.

Anger seduces us into believing we have control over our environment. This plays out in power and control issues. Life is always about me.

If we are vigilant in transmuting at the level of anger, with immense willingness we reach emotional pain, where we discover ways in which we attempted to control life through attachment to belief, dogma and untruths. Here we make amends to ourselves. Self forgiveness with each realization of how we perpetuated pain in our lives. As we love the pain, we transcend into ever deepening compassion, first for self.

In the grand finale of the emotional body we access the power of Love. In B.E. we call this enthusiasm, referring to the Infinite Power within. This true power has the ability to transmute anything less than love. We access it incrementally as we traverse the upscale emotional movement gained through applying principles from unconsciousness to enthusiasm.

The only thing permanent about Life, is our ability to be present, to love and to enjoy each moment as it unfolds in the perfection of cause and effect.

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