CV Injections and Body Electronics Pointholding

Clarification of CV injections and Body Electronics Intensives held by me. For those interested in attending my Intensives, I will consider on an individual basis those who have taken 1 or more injections advertised as CV immunization. Requirements will be a minimum of 6 months of SATURATION level nutrition. This means a minimum of 12 oz of liquid minerals (EI) daily as well as all of the other nutritional supplementation. Also, 6 months (minimum) of the DETOX formula daily. We do not know if the spike proteins and nano particulates found in the injections can be detoxed as of yet, but if it can this is your best bet. We know the shots transmit spike proteins for a minimum of 60 days, as Dr. Stephen Malthouse said in a recent talk I attended. He said we know transmission exists for this long because that was the length of the study. We do not know how long this continues. Many doctors have said indefinitely as the spike proteins are self replicating. It is my duty to protect participants in an intimate setting as it is with Pointholding.

For the sincere individual who is willing to do their absolute best to remove poisons from their body, I am happy to counsel.

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