Remove Poisons Planned to Usher In Transhumanism.

In my observation and experience of the last three plus years, it is clear to me we are well on the way to the destruction of the natural biological/spiritual magnificence of life on Earth. It is imperative we do everything in our power to remain as natural as possible to thwart the onslaught of chemicals, electromagnetic radiation, heavy metals, nanotechnology, neurological interference, genetic altering (and more) through injection, food, water and air.

True Healing- Foundational

The patterns drop away following transmutation.

Food & Drink in the Modern World- Eating Clean(er)

Genetically Modified Food, Mosquitos, Injections Can Change DNA (not for the better).

  We have many considerations in this changing world in relation to food. Here are a few.

1. ORGANIC. How the food is grown in relation to chemicals used.

2. Has the food been grown with seed altered by genetic modifications? GMO

3.  How is it processed and transported?

4. Where is it produced? Some countries have farming methods that are less than ethical, and have learned legal ways to export around the world. This is happening with many foods. Sometimes the label indicates where it was last packaged, not where it was produced.

5. Avoid fish high on the food chain such as tuna. Heavy metal and radiation accumulation is of great concern with our modern diet. Fish, especially tuna could have high mercury levels.  Even fresh water fish may have heavy metal contamination, and are to be avoided. Avoid ALL farmed fish, especially in restaurants. Avoid sushi.

6. Removing wheat, corn, rice, potatoes and soy from the diet can significantly improve health by reducing the inflammation they cause. Replace with organic quinoa, hemp hearts (refrigerate), and sprouted beans.

7. Remove canned food from diet. Buy food sold in glass containers, then use the glass (recycle) for food storage. Plastic is to be avoided in all its forms. The petrochemical industry must be diminished and eventually given up for sustainable practices. Use a large mason jar for your water bottle. They are both durable and a healthier choice to plastic or metal.

Continuously educate yourself on food choices. Food that is prepared with unprocessed, unadulterated, whole and organic ingredients that have proven the test of time will help nourish and sustain vibrant health. Make a garden. Connect with the earth and the sun in the soil and the plants.

GMO- Genetically Modified Organism- This is not food that supports and sustains life. It will alter the chemistry of the body. This includes all animals consuming it. Consider your pet food.

Water Quality

Water- Crystals of Life
Providing the internal environment where watery
bodies may thrive is paramount to wholistic
health. The first on the list of importance is
hydration. Find the best spring water source
available. Hydrate sufficiently each day as top
Staying hydrated; One half the body’s weight in
ounces of water per day, compensating for
dehydrating effects of caffeine, alcohol, herbal
teas, exercise, diuretics etc. is considered minimal
hydration- 50 lbs body weight= 75 oz. water per day
When the body becomes chronically dehydrated,
the thirst mechanism shuts down. As we provide
sufficient hydration consistently over a period of
time, a natural thirst will return.
The Bodies Many Cries for Water –Dr. Batmanghelidj is an excellent book on
hydration and health.

Detoxing Chemicals and Heavy Metals

We know that each individual processes toxins and foreign infection/chemicals/parasites differently.

Also, the effects of electromagnetic pollution effects us individually.

This is dependent on many factors.

Long term and short term state of health is reliant on the body’s ability to detoxify effectively. Constitution, emotional fluidity, mental programs, and spiritual awareness all play their part.

To regain and/or maintain good health in the coming years relies upon our willingness to learn, to develop and implement a detoxification strategy that works.

Keeping the body’s natural systems of detoxification clean and open, is paramount to the effectiveness of increasing protocols of detox.


2. Gastrointestinal

3. Skin

4. Lungs (breath)

5. Liver

6. Lymphatic

7. Circulatory

Unnatural substance brought into the body through the lungs, skin, or through injection, accumulates and may even replicate.

Exposure to electromagnetic pollution such as smart meters, 5g towers, cell phone radiation cause disruptions in the natural electromagnetic pulse with effects all bodily, emotional, and mental functions.

This may induce reduced circulatory, lymphatic and electrical efficiency.

Symptoms such as reduced blood oxygen levels showing up as short term memory loss, muscle weakness, sounds heard in the head as a result of fluctuating circulation, pain, heart palpitation, cold hands and feet, loss of taste and smell and a host of other debilitating conditions caused by metal and chemical toxicity combined with frequency radiation.

I assume the reader is actively upgrading the diet to organic (non GMO), whole and sun saturated foods filled with nutrition, and to be maintaining a hydrated condition with the best spring water available.

Along with this comes the letting go of substances that decrease vitality.

Botanical Detox Formula

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