In Canada I recommend OM Foods for quality Organic ingredients.

Turmeric Powder- 1 pound

Ginger Powder- 1 pound

Ashwagandha- 1/4 pound

Shatavari1/4 pound

Combine well.

Begin the morning with a heaping tablespoon in a large cup. Add 2/3 of the cup with boiling water.

Whisk briskly.

Add coconut milk to taste (carton preferred). Whisk.

Finish with a pinch of cardamom powder or fresh ground black pepper.

Some of the mixture settles. Add more boiling water, whisk, carry on.

Your adrenal glands will love it, lacking the addictive adrenaline shock of daily caffeine.

Drinking after dinner will assist the lowering of cortisol levels, making sleep easier.

An excellent way to start and end the day.

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    1. Hi Melody!
      I add other medicinals, like raw maca,ashwaganda, astragalus. I haven’t used mucuna, but would like to hear your experience with it.

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