Sunday, Nov. 13- 1:00

With Illia Paton- Certified Body Electronics Instructor. A discourse on the wholistic principles of this self healing modality founded by John Whitman Ray.  illia-at-the-shop-2

“Body Electronics is a wholistic modality, taught by Certified Instructor’s within Pointholding Intensives. My vision is the eventual evolution toward intentional community with Body Electronics as a base for living in a healthy wholistic way, interdependent with Nature.
When resistance/ trauma (anything less than unconditional love) is released from consciousness within thought-word-emotion, the result is natural harmony. This is the practice of Body Electronics. What we do in preparation, on the table and post Intensives fuels and facilitates this evolutionary process.” Illia~
B.E. is practiced through the study and application of wholistic principles- physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. The effect is consciousness change. 
This work is not always easy- yet may be tremendously beautiful. Reading through ‘The Body Electronics Experience’ prior to this event, will assist one’s understanding of the discourse.  Click here for  PDF-the-body-electronics-experience-with-illia-the-pink-book-nov-16The B.E. Experience

There is no charge for this event.

E-mail Illia for the address.

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