The nature of duality presents itself physically in the body (cellular)centralizing in the brain of all living creatures. This complex electrical connection is the motherboard of creation in the third dimension. This can not fully be understood by the human intellect. What we do know is, within the evolutionary process of transmutation of consciousness we tighten the divide within dualistic thought. Here we look at the emotional body construct as studied and applied over the past few thousand years. We know creation is brought into this realm from the top down. We know evolution is fast tracked from the bottom up. This begins in the physical, enters the emotional, mental and spiritual in that order. Evolution is observed from emotional simplicity (unconsciousness) to complexity (fear). Within our present emotional capacity, we access the duality of thought. In the lower three emotions of unconsciousness, apathy and grief we find the patterns of separation furthest apart, the extremes in dualism, ie; all or nothing. Reactions here are held strongly to one side of the duality to the exclusion, blame or demonization of the other side. Fear follows grief in the emotional map used for thousands of years. I call fear the crossroads. It is the stepping stone to the three higher emotions of anger, pain and enthusiasm. The transmutation of fear tightens the dualistic divide. Here is where the work becomes much more complex. Deepening of the willingness to feel, accompanied with internal honesty fuels the energy required to change the patterns. Attachment to outcome is seen and removed!

Evolution is incremental and not without grace. The physical body feeds the hormones for the endocrine to function adequately. Hormones rely on amino acids to develop. Raw bee pollen has full spectrum amino acids. From this we may see how the physical body is the foundation to evolution. Bringing duality closer together by the removal of resistance (judgement).

This is the yoga of consciousness.

Consider what we think, say and do as a reflection of our current state of duality. Is it hanging on to a pseudo idea of positivity? Deepen the understandings of this by reading Logic In Sequence.

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