Divine Time- Going with the Flow

What is required?

  1.  Lack of expectation based in how, what, when, where & who.
  2.  Taking control without controlling the outcome- tricky business. Things can look the same- and be completely different.
  3.  Be in transmutation mode at all time- applying the Law of Love which includes Forgiveness and Gratitude.
  4. Willingness to change.
  5. Willingness to let go of ideas.
  6. Willingness to be.
  7. Willingness to serve the whole.
  8. Willingness to step out of comfort zones upon comfort zones upon comfort zones….
  9. Ask for guidance
  10. Receive
  11. Give
  12. Love
  13. Listen to the Spirit
  14. Know evolution is an ongoing experience
  15.  Know response ability
  16.  Connect with the Earth
  17. Connect with the Sun
  18. Connect with the Heart
  19. Pay attention- the Spirit Helpers are everywhere
  20. Bring the awareness continuously in the present
  21. Forgive
  22. Make amends
  23. Be kind
  24. Offer Blessing in secret
  25. Smudge
  26. Allow emotion to surface and be felt every day
  27. Release
  28. Detox the body regularly
  29. Breath deeply and consciously
  30. Enjoy the Moon and the Stars
  31. Be aware of the birds the animals the trees
  32. Call in what is for the highest and best for all
  33. Love

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