When resistance (anything less than unconditional love) is released from consciousness (thought-word-emotion) the result (effect) is natural harmony. This is the practice of Body Electronics. What we do in preparation and continued application fuels and facilitates this evolutionary process.  Illia~

I am holding Five Day Body Electronics Intensive'(s) in 2018.  Today I put out the call to all who feel the evolutionary pull, and are committed to the arduous journey of B.E. preparations  and applications. With enough interest this could lead to two Pointholding Intensives this year. See this link to begin the inquiry into preparation requirements. Body Electronics Pointholding Intensive 

Here you will find extensive reading and links to B.E. video from John Whitman Ray- Founder of Body Electronics.

Order your copy of How We Heal at your local bookstore. This is the main course book. Also found on above link is the Logic In Sequence Series by JWR, the deeper looks into Healing Crisis, and the metaphysical understandings of B.E.

If after reading The Body Electronics Experience (adjust Amazon to your country), a preparation booklet, ( please observe contraindications) you feel the call to attend,  e-mail me with your interest to be considered for the upcoming Intensives. Illiaheart55@gmail.com

2018 is opening into a rich vibrant opportunity for consciousness change. Loving Blessings, Illia


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