When my Body Electronics Instructor’s career began in 2003, the reading list consisted of approx. twenty books,  as was given to me in my study of B.E.

As years progressed I witnessed people unwilling to put in the reading efforts as well as the nutritional foundation. Over the years I lightened the load, by writing a book to condense the pertinent information, lessening the mandatory reading etc. Now, after many years of approaching B.E. Instruction this way, I see this has not helped people to become better transmutor’s or encouraged more people to become involved. As a result I am going to add to  the reading list, assign short essays as well as a 3 month minimum on the full nutritional program prior to an Intensive with prerequisites already in place. May the people who have the tenacity to proceed, come and learn to transmute the internal self created environment of consciousness, the human family evolving in Love.

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