I was the first in my class to decide I wasn’t going to sing god save the queen, at the morning programming in school. Grade 3 I think it was. Oh Canada was next on the list.

I have observed and released many layers of programmed thought that becomes behaviour. Often accompanied by word, and for a deeper level of programming, emotion.

I was taught the ‘Lords prayer’ as a child, and encouraged to repeat. At some point in my transmutation process of the emotional body, I began to see layers within it, that programmed me to look outside of myself for ‘help’. Then I could see it was a translation of esoteric teachings referring to the process within the body. Father is the connector in ‘heaven’ which takes place when the endocrine system of the brain has opened to a greater reality. I spent 9 years in traditional Yogic practice, at which time I repeated 10s of thousands of mantras. The same sense of outer saviour was energetically felt. Om Namah Shivaya for example.

I am not saying these practices are wrong, but what I am saying is that, as we continuously move into increased states of awareness, we must be willing to let go of programmed thought, word and emotion, in order to experience ever increasing levels of freedom.

Prayer constantly changes, as we move from one emotional level to the next.

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