Combining aspects of Kriya Yoga and Body Electronics, Illia has developed a unique form of acupressure that facilitates the client to discover subconscious patterns. Kriya means ‘to do’ in a sacred way’. Illia facilitates the session, gently guiding the client while applying a specific form of  Acupressure Massage. This brings prana to the cells and  allows the emotional body to open. The release of held/suppressed emotion through transmutation (change), brings about a freedom in body and mind. These sessions are a acceleration on the evolutionary path. Having a Wholistic Iridology session prior isprerequisite to these sessions. Wear loose clothing. Each session builds on the last in a evolutionary way by clearing trauma that had settled in the body.

“Illia provides a nurturing and safe container in which I felt very supported to be open and vulnerable, enabling me to do some very deep and profound inner work. She is very gentle and communicative, and at the same time, carries a great power and fire to encourage one to explore their own personal limitations and shadow. I have attended several healing Intensives and worked in private sessions with Illia. I would recommend Illia to any being seeking support or direction in their journey of healing and awakening. She has been and still is a bright shining beacon along my own personal path.” Christopher Schroeder- Holistic Therapist-Kauai HI 

 “Illia has a natural ability to bring to the surface, subconscious patterns for our perusal and edification.” Zach Lang~ Alberta, Canada

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