Emotion is present within every aspect of life.

Transmuting emotion that had settled into the body allows for a clear space to experience increased creativity, healthy relationship and general well being.  

Wholistic Acupressure brings resistance/trauma to awareness where it may be released. 

During the session Illia facilitates the client on how to access and transmute the thought pattern and emotion that is ready to release.

The opening of energy flow through acupressure may allow for increased circulation and nerve supply. Pain release may also be facilitated by this process. Emotional release is encouraged and facilitated. Emotional blocks are often what keeps the physical energy from flowing freely. Sessions begin and end with consultation, preparing the client with tools to gently release in session and daily life. Correct stimulation of acupressure points in combination with emotional release, gives the individual opportunity to clear old wounds. This results in a change of consciousness-emotional evolution that has a profound effect on all aspects of life- relationship, creativity etc.

When subconscious emotional energies are addressed we are left with a more clear ability to focus and make healthy decisions. Empowered with the principles of transmutation, emotional challenge becomes mastered in daily life.

Presently giving private sessions in Nelson, B.C. @ ManiStone, 507 Baker St.


 Wholistic Acupressure – $110 -90 minutes

Book your session: thegnosticway555@gmail.com

Illia provides a nurturing and safe container in which I felt very supported to be open and vulnerable, enabling me to do some very deep and profound inner work. She is very gentle and communicative, and at the same time, carries a great power and fire to encourage one to explore their own personal limitations and shadow.” Christopher Schroeder- Therapist~ Kauai HI

“I highly recommend these teachings and sessions. Illia shares her extensive knowledge and wisdom with warmth and enthusiasm. The surprisingly simple techniques she teaches to transmute emotion are very effective and truly profound.” Lori Franz Vokes, B.A.Sc., EFT Adv. and Quantum Touch Practitioner. 

Martin Prechtel- Author of ‘Secrets of The Talking Jaguar’, speaks on the medicine ways and  emotion,  living a fully expressive life. 

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