THIS WHOLISTIC FAST is a template for regeneration through the wholistic construct of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

This fast is self initiated, self sustained, and self responsible.

To Begin

1. In the beginning, concentrate on REMOVING foods, drinks and substances that are toxic, processed, not organic, gmo’s, and acidic. Continuously refining.

Every aspect to consciousness change is uniquely individual.

According to constitution, addictions, habits, willingness, and especially; current state of health.

Slow, steady, intelligent progress produces lasting results.

During the fast, decreasing or removing main stream media, social media and ‘entertainment’ from streaming sites increases the abilities to go within.

ADD organic, live, whole, plant, unprocessed, vegetarian, raw, alkalizing foods.

Drink pure water (more on this later).

2. Maintain awareness of emotions.

Feel what you feel With Love.

3. Sit silent in a designated area, with spine straight, breathing deep and regular (without ceasing) for 10 minutes 3x daily.

This begins the process to unlock our energies into greater awareness.

4 Replies to “43 DAYS- WHOLISTIC FAST!”

  1. Awesome idea I am feeling the same way and needing it now more than ever. Thanks for the posts and I’ll be alongside for the journey.

  2. Your website is a God-sent! I feel very blessed to have found it. Just started reading on Body Electronics. Thank you for your contributions to the world.

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