Emotional transmutation occurs when we are present in ‘the three powers’. The powers have the natural ability to release and harmonize emotion. Chaotic emotion can not exist in the power of forgiveness, gratitude and love. The energy of these powers can not be underestimated. We are living in a hologram where mind emotion filters, most of which we are unaware, translate into the light spectrum we call 3D.

When we keep the three powers in active energetic presence, the result is an evolutionary explosion of consciousness as we traverse the suppressed and repressed emotion of our soul history. At times this may be intense. The ascension process is just that. Intense. We get to bring these powers into awareness that which we previously were not.

They are free, and they are freeing.

Principle #1

Feel what you feel WITH forgiveness, love , gratitude.

If you contemplate this, you see layers. To feel what you feel is a willingness to be honest with the emotional body. Our emotions are often ignored, sidetracked, justified, medicated, we have become a society were feeling is somehow unnatural.

Feel what we feel WITH ____

Here we allow the emotion to be felt as fully as possible with the willingness for it t increase and last as long as it requires. While allowing its presence we feel how much we can love how it feels…forgive how it feels…be grateful for how it feels.

We do not feel the powers instead of the authentic emotion..we feel it WITH the emotion. This is transmutation.

If we feel the emotion waning, go back to feeling it ..expand it, and then see how much we can love it. Honest, open and true to ones self.

I spent years with many levels of anger, from irritable, frustration to pure rage. It is a powerful process that takes time and energy.

If we find ourselves projecting emotion, pull it back in ownership. This may be subtle, keep a vigilant eye on possible projections. We get to more subtle layers as the process evolves. Energetic blames and shames. These are often silent.

The Powers move with exactly precision in perfect volume to the energy accessed. To increase access takes intent, time and effort.

The results are clearer awareness, which leads to more work. With gaining momentum, in nonresistant action inside and out, we find the joys, the beauties, the greatest simplicities of life.

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