When we embark on the quest to be more conscious, we first face our unconscious.

What might we expect?

One of my teachers claimed humanity was mostly unconscious. I contemplated this as I got to work opening to it.

This truth becomes increasingly clear as we release the layers upon layers of the unconscious. The first layers surface as emotion. The emotion is connected to thought patterns. The emotion and thought patterns are connected to vibration often as words.

By allowing these 3 aspects of suppression to surface and release, we see the ways in which the unconscious patterns have run our decisions.

In T.G.W. work we recognize unconsciousness as the root in the emotional body. We move the energy from the bottom up in the transmutation process, activating each emotional level as we proceed with transmutation.

Unconsciousness resonates with the gonads, testes in male, ovaries in female.

For greater understanding while moving the energies in an upward evolutionary direction through active transmutation, remember the 7 levels within 7 levels. Recognizing the unconscious as the root/core of each main level.

The unconscious level has nothing to do with intelligence. Some who appear very intelligent may be mostly ran from their unconscious patterns.

Each and every piece we release, lightens the load for others if so chosen.

Particularly in our genetic resonance.

With anyone we have shared sexual fluids.

Our immediate circumference.

These individuals have the way to freedom made more clear by every successful transmutation. Then if they so choose to move their unconscious into awareness, they lighten the load for others. In this way we greatly assist one another.

We are responsible wholly for ourselves, for our own evolution.

The Age of Aquarius is upon us.

The unconsciousness rises to greet the dawn of heightened awareness.

Here we shall be seen for who we truly are.

The Great Mystery unfolds.

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