I have pondered over the years, how the marketing of products high in simple sugars are done strategically around holidays.

Treat don’t cheat.

Homemade is best.

I make raw protein treats with a variety of organic nuts, seeds and dry fruit. In the picture on this post, I used rose water, rose petals and cardamom for flavours. Be creative.

Make conservative choices with sweets while taking extra probiotics that limit the cravings developed from the increase of yeasts, bacteria and parasites that feed on sugars.

Avoid sugary drinks and candy high in glucose/fructose, and corn derived sugars that create a biochemical addictive response.

When we make a choice for a ‘treat’, savour slowly.

Removing excess sugars stored in the body can be assisted by the B vitamin- Benfotiamine.

Nutritional upgrades are a foundation to consciousness change.

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