By moving conscious energy through the emotional body, with active transmutation we find places of heightened enthusiasm that resonates with the pineal.

This happens at every level 7 (enthusiasm/creativity) in the emotional body construct of 7×7.

We bring the willingness to love into the thought, word patterns and emotion.

Moving the emotion through unconsciousness, apathy, grief, fear, anger and pain with the power of enthusiastic love.

Enthusiasm/love vibrates at the top of each level as level 1. Moving the energy from the bottom up. Unconsciousness being level 7.

Awareness of the connection to universal light is revealed sequentially with each new level of emotion.

In emotional pain (level 2) awareness of dualistic patterns increase and the inherent resistance (judgements).

The powers of emotional transmutation are love, forgiveness and gratitude. These bring us eventually into the painful level of pain. Level 2/2. Here we are well aware of the binary patterns with which we had created through thought and emotion.

Here, the awareness of light, sometimes white or silver, sometimes shades of violet, offers the power to bring the patterns into harmony.

A laser like focus of this light, which is made internally visible, moves consciousness into the emotional body of the ‘heart’. This place has no polarity, the residence of unconditional love.

Here we learn the grace of letting go while simultaneously making it happen. A seeming paradox. Love leads the way.

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